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This is heavily in the works.

Its an idea for a TRPG I've been thinking about for years based around lamps and using them as magical focuses in dungeons and in the underground.

As well as an equipment based progression system that I've been thinking about using for single adventure and short campaigns.

All the possibilities are available at the start and only limited by your imagination and creativity.


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LampSRD v. 67 kB

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Hello there and congrats on your concept! You're welcome to showcase it to more people at our server : https://discord.gg/gZ7yEDSq

I myself am a D&D fan, so this concept you are working on really appeals to me, so good job! Attempting to create these kind of rules in a simple way is no easy task, but keep at it! One small thing i could comment is to take care with balancing, i don't know if you already tested them, but for instance, stamina being the sum of constitution and strength seems to make strength  a much better build idea than the dexterity one. I did not test it, this is just an impression lol.

But good job and keep the good work! Don't forget to play other games on the Jam and to help them out with feedback as well!

I haven't had the chance to test it yet due to life stuff, coming up to a chance i can soon and i'll keep that in mind, thanks for the offer and i will :)

The Lamp idea is really great. Keep up the development. It seems promising =)

Thank you :)